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The charm of Kochi prefecture

In Kochi, the sparkling sunlight spreads over the Shikoku Mountains to the north and illuminates the endless blue off the Pacific Ocean to the south. The prefecture is also blessed with rich natural beauty, including lush green forests covering 84 percent of the land, and clear flowing streams such as the Shimanto and Niyodo Rivers.

This land, surrounded by its abundant nature, with its carefree character of freedom and dynamism, has nurtured a determination in its citizens, producing several great individuals and forebearers such as Sakamoto Ryōma and Nakahama “John” Manjirō as well as developing a local culture bursting with uniqueness, as displayed in the passionate Yosakoi dance festival.

The Developing Kochi Prefecture Nursing Scene

With its smaller population, Kochi prefecture has been experiencing the effects of an aging population sooner than the rest of the nation.
Because of this, Kochi prefecture is putting into action various plans to secure the nursing staff and develop the nursing techniques required to get necessary services to the people who need them and to make sure that whether you’re aging or suffering from a disability, no matter where you are in Kochi you’ll be able to keep living your life your way.

The First Lifting-Free Care Proclamation Nationwide

In 2016, Kochi prefecture became the first in the nation to make a Lifting-Free Care Proclamation. We’re working hard to protect the important people involved in providing care.


NO LIFTING CARE is changing caregiving with human strength alone, that places burdens on caregivers and users alike with each inability to carry, to lift, to drag, into caregiving that utilizes welfare and assistance equipment such as lifts.
We provide and support subsidies to facilities for the purchase of such equipment, as well as leadership education to smooth its adoption by the organization.

We’d like to welcome our foreign visitors to the nursing scene here in Kochi, and we hope that you’ll tell everyone back home about our technology.

Many people are already working hard in the Kochi nursing scene as technical intern trainees and EPAs, as well as studying abroad at vocational schools in Kochi prefecture with the goal of earning their qualifications as care workers.
For the people who’ve come to Kochi, the prefecture supports not only organized education, but also individual efforts to improve skills. In Kochi, we want to make sure you learn the best care techniques there are.

Why not live here, among Kochi’s rich natural beauty?
Why not join us, and lean high-skill lifting-free techniques
in a nursing scene that values workers and carefully
implements occupational safety measures?

Foreign Care Personnel Learning Lifting-Free
Care Techniques while Working in Kochi

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